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Greatest Formula One Rivalries

by André Aguiar / set. 16, 2022
2021's Formula One season culminated in one of the greatest duels in any recent motorsport competition. The young, seemingly unstoppable, up-and-comer against the established, record-shattering veteran champion.

The nail-bitting season finale thrilled half of F1 fans and shocked the other half but had everyone on the edge of their seat.

But F1 is no stranger to epic rivalries. Here are three of its most famous.

Le Mans '66

by André Aguiar / set. 16, 2022
In the '60s, a dispute between two motor industry titans, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari, became one of the great stories of motor racing legend. Hollywood has now immortalized it on the big screen. Heel Tread is celebrating it with a Limited Edition 4-pack inspired by the liveries of the GT40s that changed racing forever.

Summer Reads: 1983 Group B Rally

by André Aguiar / set. 16, 2022
In the 80s, one of the peak rivalries of rally history unfolded right in the middle of the mythical Group B era. Two unlikely foes went to battle: Volkswagen-backed Audi with its cutting-edge technology against small but experienced Lancia with a shoestring budget and riding on the back of the Stratos' previous success. 
But what exactly happened? 

SR-71 Blackbird: The Spy Plane

by André Aguiar / set. 16, 2022
In the late 1950s, the CIA commissioned a top-secret project dubbed 'Archangel', to fly faster and higher than anything before - or since -, invisible as a ghost.
The most iconic aircraft of the Cold War was born, the impossibly futuristic spy plane SR-71 Blackbird. 

WW1: The Dawn Of Military Aviation

by André Aguiar / set. 16, 2022
The First World War saw the dawn of modern warfare. It began with men in fancy uniforms on horseback and ended with epic aerial battles.

This is the story of five of these pioneering aircraft and their Aces, who heroically led the way into a new era. 


by Joao Simoes / set. 03, 2020
FINA and BMW were one of the great partnerships in motorsport in the late '80s and through most of the 90s, with some very iconic liveries popping up as an added bonus.

850 BTCC

by Joao Simoes / set. 03, 2020
In the early 90's someone at Volvo thought it would be swell if they were no longer safe and boring and were now sporty and cool. Fast forward to 1994 and the 850 estate starts competing in the British Touring Car Championship. The first estate to compete in touring car championships was never overly successful on the track.

Legendary Helmets

by Joao Simoes / set. 03, 2020
Most racing drivers go through several teams and sponsors, but one element remains the same, becoming an integral part of the driver's legend and heritage. The Helmet Pack is inspired by the headgear of four men who changed racing forever and made F1 top of the motorsport food chain.